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SpaceFinder Manitoba

SpaceFinder Manitoba: List a space. Find a space. For free.

A matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space & spaces looking to promote their rentals.

Creative Manitoba, in partnership with ArtsBuild Ontario, and Fractured Atlas, is bringing SpaceFinder Manitoba to Winnipeg and Manitoba in September 2016.

SpaceFinder is a proven technology created and developed by Fractured Atlas, a US non-profit arts service organization. This online marketplace links organizations that have space to rent with those who need space. Our goal is to help organizations (community, volunteer, non-profit, etc.) and venues efficiently find suitable users for their under-used space through this online tool. SpaceFinder Manitoba is free to list, free to search.

Many groups in the creative, non-profit and small business communities need space for meeting, creating, rehearsing, presenting, collaborating, gathering or celebrating. They spend considerable resources trying to find suitable and affordable spaces.

On the flip side, venues spend significant resources trying to find the right renters for their spaces. These might include commercial renters to cross-subsidize non-profit rentals, or it might be renters who fit the venue’s mandate (e.g., youth and education).

SpaceFinder Manitoba helps venues and renters with easy to use features:

For Venues For Renters
  • Online calendar
  • Free to search
  • Booking request forms
  • Free to book
  • Online payment option
  • Over 150 search criteria
  • Detailed listings
  • List of local creative spaces
  • Free help desk assistance
  • Free help desk assistance

SpaceFinder Manitoba will strengthen the creative, non-profit and small business sectors with an online marketplace for hourly, daily, weekly and longer-term rentals. From the user’s standpoint, SpaceFinder Manitoba will streamline the search for appropriate and affordable space. From the venue's point of view, it will bring more awareness to the community about your facilities and less space will go under-used.


Winnipeg and rural Manitoba area venues can now be listed on SpaceFinder Manitoba.

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This tool will be available for people seeking space in 2017.