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Coach Access Program: Financial Management for Small Non-Profits

- by Jamie Lou Morneau

Financial ManagementBoard members and executives receive a basic understanding of what they need to know to manage money in a non-profit setting. Participation in two afternoon seminars, followed by individual coaching sessions, creates a powerful learning experience with theoretical and practical application built in. This course is open to rural and Winnipeg ACI organizational members. A limited number of subsidized spots will be available.

Seminar Dates: October 12 & 19
Application deadline: September 30
Instructor/Coach: Cheryl Baldwin

Last year’s successful pilot sold out! Fourteen organizations sent board and staff members who reported that the Coach Access Program helped them dedicate time to financial management. By identifying what they did and did not know, the seminars assisted in deciding where to focus their energy and set priorities. The coaching was reportedly the most helpful aspect of the program because they could complete real work under the guidance of an expert who answered questions and kept them on track.

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