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Art Strengthens

- by Jamie Lou Morneau

Art strengthens & heals – Art is great therapy. It occupies the mind, it exercises the brain, it warms the heart, and it calms the soul. It can lead to self-discovery. It strengthens our mental and emotional being.

Art educates – Art challenges us and it teaches us patience. It builds character and imagination. It teaches us to read and write and draw and sing and... It teaches us to grow. It instills in us a desire to continue to learn and to create.

Art connects – It brings people together and it builds relationships. It engages us. It inspires us. It entertains us.

Art expresses & communicates – Communication through art has real impact. It can be a form of self-expression or a statement. It can be political. It can portray so much about one's personality. It can stir a wide range of emotion. It can relay messages. It can speaks volumes.